Investor support has played a pivotal role in fueling TGC’s remarkable growth since its inception. Collaboratively, TGC and its partners have deployed over $200,000,000 in equity investments over the past 15 years.

Our investment strategy revolves around the development and acquisition of extended stay hotels. We function with a focus on long-term value creation through cash-flow and asset appreciation. Our team works diligently to provide consistent communication with our partners through the entire process, including monthly construction reports, monthly financials, and timely tax reporting.

We also attribute our growth to the organic expansion of our investor base over the years, driven primarily by introductions from our loyal existing investors. This collaborative approach fosters a strong and supportive investor community that shares our long-term vision for success.

"I firmly believe that making an investment is not just about earning and growing capital, but, in its most true form, it is about earning and growing trust, not short term, but long term. That is what we do at TGC, we earn and grow trust."

Nick J. Esterline, President and Founder