At TGC Hospitality Management

efficiency is our mission.

Our team boasts extensive hospitality and operations management expertise, with over 90 years of combined experience. We hold certifications, including those in Hospitality Revenue Management, Hotel Administration, Revenue Management Executive, Six Sigma Greenbelt, Lean and Project Management. Additionally, our team members possess degrees in Hospitality Management, Master’s in Business and Accounting, Applied Behavioral Science, and Mathematics, with minors in business and specialized knowledge in Statistics.

Our expertise encompasses the management of a diverse portfolio of eight different hotel brands, primarily focused on extended stay accommodations. Our commitment to efficiency and excellence is reflected in our pursuit of maximizing GOP (Gross Operating Profit). We leverage performance and market data for strategic pricing strategies, ensuring that each room is sold to the right guest at the right price and at the right time, ultimately leading to optimal profitability. Our accounting team handles all aspects of accounting, including accounts payable, monthly financials and applicable tax payments.

As loyal guests of our own hotels,

we intimately understand the guest experience. We foster close partnerships with each brand we manage, offering valuable owner-centric insights to maintain our mission of efficiency.


Hotel Management
Revenue Management
Property Level Accounting
Pre-Opening Coordination

Asset Repositioning
Projections & Proforma Feasibility
Asset Level Management
Renovation Oversite

"Our people drive performance, which drives GOP, which helps me sleep at night."

Leslie McClure, President of Hospitality