Magdalena Mollo

Magdalena Mollo

Revenue Manager

Magdalena is deeply committed to harnessing the full revenue potential of hotels through a strategic fusion of analytics, pricing strategies, and market trend analysis. Her role revolves around proactive revenue optimization, adept rate management, and the implementation of yield tactics to ensure maximum capacity utilization. She remains agile in response to evolving market demands, ultimately steering hotels toward financial success.

Originally hailing from Uruguay, Maggie embarked on her journey to northern Virginia in 2018 to pursue her college education. In the fall of 2020, she made the move to Wichita State University, culminating in her graduation in December 2022 with a degree in Mathematics, specializing in Statistics, and a minor in Anthropology. Her passion lies in the realm of data analysis, complemented by a deep appreciation for art.

During her leisure time, Maggie finds solace in painting, dancing, journaling, and reading, with an insatiable curiosity for new recipes and baking, often delighting her friends and family with homemade cakes. In her domestic sphere, Maggie resides with her partner and a furry feline companion. Together, they share the joys of making music, crafting various forms of art, and nurturing an indoor garden that thrives under their care.